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There shall be an Executive Council, which shall carry on all the affairs of the Society in accordance with the Constitution and policy and rules of the Society fixed and approved by the General Body.

The Executive Council shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, an Editor, and six Councillors elected by the General Body.

The Secretary, Editor and Treasurer shall be elected from the place where the headquarter of the Society is situated. The President and Vice-Presidents can be elected from anywhere in India. A Councillor for a zone will be elected from any place within that zone out of the six specified zones defined by the General Body.

 The Executive Council shall be elected for two years. No member, except the Editor, will hold the same executive office for more than two consecutive terms and not more than one term if he/she has held any other office in any earlier term. To maintain the continuity in the publication policy and standards the Editor can seek election for three consecutive term of two years each. Keeping the dignity of the position of the President in view, any member who has served as President can seek re-election as President for only one more term but only after the lapse of three terms after the term in which he/she held the post.

 General duties and privileges of the Executive Council:

(a) The Executive Council shall be responsible for managing the Society’s business as per the Society Constitution/bye- laws, rules and policies formulated by the General Body.

(b) The Executive Council will have the power to appoint committees/sub-committees and delegate them with such powers as needed to carry out work assigned to them and make suitable recommendations.

(c) The Executive Council will suggest any modification to the bye-laws and rules of the Society as and when required with the proviso that these modifications are consistent with the Constitution for approval by the General Body of the Society.

(d) The Executive Council shall recommend Honorary Members for election by the General Body.

 An Executive Council shall continue as a caretaker till the next Executive is elected but for not more than two months after the term expires. Sufficient care will be taken to ensure the elections are held as per schedule and that the Society is not left without any elected Executive. During the interregnum between the expiry of the term of an incumbent Executive Council and the new Executive Council taking over, no major or policy decision will be taken or implemented.

 Duties and privileges of the President

The President shall be the constitutional Head of the Society.

The President shall preside over the Executive and General Body meetings of the Society.

The President shall have the privilege of exercising the casting vote in case of equal division among Executive Council/General Body members, however under normal circumstances, he shall have no right to veto or overrule the majority decisions of the members at the Executive Council or General Body meeting.

The President shall represent or nominate one or more Executive Council member(s) or general ember(s) of the Society to any national or international gathering/association from which the Societyreceives invitation to participate in consultation with the Council or subject to ratification by the Council in case of urgency.

Duties and privileges of the Vice-Presidents One of the Vice-Presidents, senior by age, or the Vice-President available at the venue of a meeting hall exercise all the duties and privileges of the President including presiding over Executive Council/General Body meetings in the absence of the President. Otherwise, the Vice-Presidents will have the same duties and privileges as any other member of the Council.

Duties and privileges of the Secretary

(a) The Secretary shall be responsible for calling, in consultation with the President, meetings of he General Body and the Executive Council, recording the proceeding of the meetings of the general Body and Executive Council meetings of the Society and shall take appropriate actions to implement the recommendations and resolutions of the Executive Council and of the General Body. The proceedings of any Executive Council meeting shall be signed by all members 5 present in the meeting before dispersing. The Clause 28 below shall prevail in the case of either the Secretary or the President or both, are responsible for not calling meetings and the meeting will be called by any member of the Executive Council.

(b) The Secretary shall be responsible for conducting all day-to-day business, for administering the funds in consultation with the Treasurer of the Society and for maintaining the establishment in accordance with the powers assigned to him/her by the General Body from time to time as provided in the Executive Constitution. For this purpose he shall be given an appropriate administrative staff appointed on a contractual basis and office facilities paid for from the Society’s funds.

(c) In case of long absence or resignation of the Treasurer, the Secretary shall also function as Treasurer till the Treasurer joins back or a new Treasurer is nominated by the Executive Council from among the Executive Council members available at the Headquarters or, in case of nonavailability of a Council member, a general member available at the Headquarters. However, when the Secretary has to execute the duties of the Treasurer in matters relating to financial expenditures he/she shall exercise the power in conjunction with another member nominated by the Executive Council for this purpose. Only in cases of extreme urgency the Secretary himself/ herself shall exercise the powers of the Treasurer subject to ratification by the Executive Council.

(d) In the case of long absence or non-availability of the Secretary, the Executive Council will nominate a member of the Executive Council (other than the Treasurer) available at the Headquarters, or in the case of non-availability of such a member, a general member available at the Headquarters to act as the Secretary for the remaining period of the term of the Executive Council.

 Duties and privileges of the Treasurer

(a) The Treasurer shall keep accounts, shall receive deposits and disburse funds on behalf of the Society under the directions of the Executive Council and in day-to-day consultation with the Secretary.

(b) The Treasurer shall present the audited accounts of the Society at the annual General Body meeting.

(c) The Treasurer shall assist the Secretary in maintaining the financial control of the Society’s accounts and day-to-day financial matters relating to Society’s activities.

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