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The Society shall publish a journal. The Editor together with the Editorial Board and the Associate Editors shall be responsible for the Journal in all its scientific and technical aspects. However the Editor will undertake any major changes proposed in policy matters and matters like get up of the journal in consultation of the Executive Council. The Editor may also be asked by the Council for clarifications in these matters.

The cost of Society’s publications in print (including postage) and in the electronic form from the nonmembers will be fixed by the Executive Council. The Executive Council will also decide on matters like tariffs for advertisements in the Society’s publications in print or electronic medium.

The Editor along with the Secretary and the Treasurer will take decisions on routine matters relating to Society’s publications (both electronic and print) such as selection of the publishing house through a transparent process, timely publication and dispatch of the Journal. There will be no reprint services and only electronic copies will be available on demand. In case of difference of opinion among the Editor, the Secretary and the Treasurer, the matter will be placed before the Executive Council and decided by majority vote.

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